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Co-Founder and VP of Services

Lextant Corporation

Supported clients including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Qwest and Sprint.  Provided contextual design consulting and training, in addition to usability testing and training.  Responsible for developing and packaging new service offerings and for hiring and managing employees. 


Jayson M. Webb, Ph.D.

Boulder CO


Usability Engineer

US West Advanced Technologies

Designed voice messaging releases and usability tested with customers. Also responsible for overseeing the quality testing of new voice messaging releases. 

Usability Engineer


Supported internal HP clients, providing user interface design, contextual design process support and usability testing. Conducted field research into customer requirements. Trained teams on collecting field data and on how to identify and act on the implications of the data.  Worked with HP OpenView software team to create their cross-product style guide. Coauthored 2 user interface patents with HP OpenView team members (6,344,862 & 6,043,816).

Senior Manager, UX Research Analytics 

Oracle America

May 2016-Present

·    Providing insights into chatbot usage via natural language analysis and machine


·    Leading the effort to instrument SaaS products for usage analytics.

·    Managing and hands-on analytics work in user segmentation, conversion modeling,

     topic modeling,  sentiment analysis and more.

·    Coordinating with qualitative researchers to make the overall research story stronger.

Senior Principal Usability Engineer

Oracle America

November 2012 - May 2016

·    Provided quantitative analysis of adobe analytics data for and

·    Led the effort to instrument PaaS products for usage analytics.

·    Planned and conducted usability research for PaaS services.

·    Collaborated with teams distributed throughout the United States and Canada, including

     PMs, development, and UX design. 

·    Communicated research findings in web conferences including designers, PMs and


UX Architect



Responsible for research and design for enterprise web applications.  Collaborated with teams distributed throughout the United States and the world, including China, Israel, Europe and India. 

Director of User Experience Research

User Centric


Supported usability research projects and worked to develop a remote usability testing practice in the U.S.

Managing Partner

Quintus Design


Worked with the eCommerce group to design and perform statistical analysis of satisfaction and loyalty surveys. Introduced a new loyalty measurement concept to them, Net Promoter Score, which was incorporated into their surveys. Also designed and analyzed fractional factorial experiments using Omniture to optimize page design, including web advertising. Conducted a variety of user experience research activities for multiple clients.

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